ISO 5001

ISO 5001 is an internationally recognized standard for energy management system. It enables organizations to pioneer energy efficiency within production. Speaking objective of this certification, ISO started this standard to implement new energy-saving technologies. It provides a framework of established environmental and quality management standards for businesses to manage their energy use. By implementing these standards, companies successfully measure, document and report energy use.

Benefits of the certification

With the help of this certification, organizations can improve their energy efficiency in a logical, controlled and systematic way. The standards have been structured to be aligned with other popular industry management system standards. Hence, you can now easily integrate the standards of this new energy management system with your existing management systems. The certification has numerous benefits for organizations such as follows:

  • Energy cost savings: The certification helps companies in reducing energy consumption which in result reduces the costs.
  • Reduced greenhouse-gas emissions and carbon footprint: It contributes a substantial hand to global efforts to protect the environment.
  • It results in Increased energy awareness among staff, Improved corporate image and credibility, Improved operational efficiencies and Improved maintenance practices

Why Us

Being a leading accredited certification body for energy management system certification in Saudi Arabia, we have been providing our clients with highly comprehensive ISO 5001 certification services. We have vast operational experience in the UAE and other gulf countries. Our highly qualified professionals have strong knowledge in the area of energy management and they use truly personable approach during the certification process.