ISO 27001

ISO 27001, an internationally recognized information management security standard, ensures that the companies an explicit information security system in place. With the help of these standards, companies become able to establish, implement, operate and maintain their documentation in accordance with the international standards. ISO specifically designed this certification for sectors of industry and commerce such as finance, health, public and IT sectors to make sure that the information is protected properly.

Due to tough competition, every business needs to demonstrate that it is a trust worthy company to do business with. While doing the business, customers and suppliers trust companies with their assets and financial information. Therefore, it is necessary for companies to protect the data and finances more seriously and more efficiently. The certification ensures three important aspects namely financial information, integrity and availability. The principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability ensure that only certain persons can access certain information within the business and change or add to the information in a specified way.

Certification process

The ISO 27001 certification has a very simple and straight forward process. In the first stage, our consultants and auditors scrutinize the current information security policy of your company. In the second stage, they evaluate whether the information management security standards are properly designed and implemented in your organization. This stage is known as formal compliance audit. After implementation of all international standards, your company is presented with the certification. After your company is certified, annual follow-up audits are conducted to find if your company remains in compliance with the ISMS standards. The objective of the annual follow-up audits is maintaining the system in log run.

Benefits of ISO 27001 certification

  • It reduces the costs related to security breaches and insurance premiums.
  • It ensures that the businesses have a structured and recognized risk based methodology to information security.
  • It helps companies comply with legal and contractual specifications.
  • It improves the productivity of employees.
  • Companies can use the certification in gaining confidence of the clients and partners.

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