ISO 20000

ISO 20000 is an internationally accepted standard which includes an integrated set of IT Service Management System standards. The ISO 20000 certification was designed to fully replace the BS 15000 certification, a British Standard. The certification specifies the set standards that companies must implement into their Information Technology service management to get the certification. Due to growing heavy reliance on computerized technology, IT services have become an integral part of any business. The certification has as an IT Service Management System which allows the companies to utilize the internationally recognized best practices for IT services management within their businesses.

Who needs this certification?

Whether you are a large or small company, you can participate in the ISO 20000 certification process. The certification is beneficial for call centers, IT departments, Internal IT providers and even IT outsourcing companies. If you are an individual professional, you can also obtain ISO 20000 certification. We will guide you to the right software, programs, training courses and conferences so that you can get started on the standardization of your business IT Service Management practices.

Being a leading ISO consultant company in Saudi Arabia, we provide our clients with the detailed information about this certification. We also offer a variety of training courses and additional resources so that you can successfully integrate the ISO 20000 certification standards and get certified. We have been providing ISO consulting services for years and have an enviable record of customer satisfaction. Our consultants and auditors are vastly experienced and have the financial expertise.